We all have an idea of how difficult it is to handle and manage asthma. Not only is this chronic respiratory condition very limiting but is also very unpredictable in its ability to attack anytime, anywhere and under any circumstance. Of course, you have your rescue/relief and control medication to help you out during these situations. But as you might or might not know, some of the conventional medicates that are being given contain strong chemicals that might not work well along with your bodyís natural immune system, causing irreparable and irrecoverable damage due to long term use.

So it would seem that in order to prevent this from taking place, you will need to look for other, safer methods that does not require any additional chemical intervention of any sort to be effective and only on alternative offers this; breathing methods. At least three different techniques are very well known to help asthma sufferers men, women, young and old included; the Buteyko method from Russia, Papworth from the United Kingdom, and Pranayama from India. Many patients have already attested to the affectivity of each technique in handling symptoms, preventing attacks as well as reducing dependence on conventional medication.

The Butekyo method developed in Russia by Dr. Konstantin Buteyko concentrates on the importance of carbon dioxide in maintaining proper respiratory function and preventing inflammation from taking place. This technique retrains asthmatics to take shallow breaths during the onset of attack in order to prevent from hyperventilating and maintain the levels of CO2 inside the body. The core of this method revolves around a series of breathing that focuses on nasal breathing, breath holding and relaxation.

The Papworth Breathing method on the other hand is a specific diaphragmatic breathing technique that was developed during the 1960ís in the Papworth Hospital in England. The technique emphasizes on nose breathing and the individual development of breathing patterns by asthmatics to suit their every activity, preventing and minimizing chances of flare-ups or attacks from taking place.

Lastly, the Pranayama is yoga that concentrates on achieving well being through the use of breathing. The exercises and stretches involved in Pranayama have been known to strengthen the respiratory system and enhance lung function. The exercises can last anywhere from about a few minutes to a couple of hours long, and it requires mastery before full benefits are received but is worth it.

For women on the go, asthma can be a very irritating condition to have, requiring you to bring your medication and watch every activity that you might undertake. But by using these asthma breathing exercises for women you will be able to enjoy life to the fullest without having to worry about attacks and flare-ups in the future.               

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Asthma Breathing Exercises for Women
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