Asthma Natural Cure: Are there Really Such a Cure?

Are you getting frustrated in your battle against asthma? Do you feel like you’ve already tried each and every prescription there is that is suitable for your case, but results are still not so promising, if not exactly worse?

If you’re thinking of giving up and succumbing to your illness, you need to stop yourself. If there’s one thing that you should know right now is that although asthma can be cured entirely, it can be controlled and reduced to a manageable degree.

Most of the people who give up in treating their asthma are usually the ones who have experienced side effects with their previous medications, while in some cases, their conditions only got worse after developing certain tolerance with their drugs. This is why a lot of people tend to look for other ways to make the ordeal more bearable with an alternative. Luckily, there’s one that can always be the best option for you.

This alternative is what most call asthma natural cure. This category makes use of natural and traditional items that you can easily find in your home or local grocery store. Asthma natural cures employ methods and a couple of do’s and don’ts as well in reducing the frequency and severity of your asthma attack.

So, what are these asthma natural cures? Here are some examples:

1. Garlic with milk. The popular recipe of boiling milk with garlic and taking it every morning is really an effective asthma natural cure.

2. Eating onion. Some researches and studies show that onion has similar components but higher anti-inflammatory activities than the drug prednisolone, making it a perfect inexpensive cure for asthma.

3. Inhaling honey. Being a result of mixing higher alcohols and ethereal oils, honey can thin the mucus, resulting to better air flow in the asthma patient.

4. Yoga. Doing yoga improves one’s breathing technique, which is why it is a popular and ideal asthma natural cure. It has also been proven that yoga trains the body to withstand infection, making the immune system stronger, another fact why yoga can really help in fighting asthma.

5. Acupuncture. Well, for one, it is a traditional method being used for almost thousands of years, and studies show that putting pressure or hitting certain body spots do help in relieving other body parts’ pain. So, if you’re not scared of needles. This might just be the perfect asthma natural cure for you.

Just remember, though, to seek your doctor’s advice before taking any of these as it is always better safe than sorry for everyone.