Asthma in babies is a very sensitive case to handle. As much as possible you would want to avoid experimenting with any alternative medication because of the obvious fragility of the situation. You have to take into account that for children aged 5 and below, the bronchial tubes along with all the organs related to breathing is still very sensitive to chemicals natural or synthesized alike.

Aside from this fact, even paediatricians and specialists are somewhat hesitant to diagnose asthma for babies because there is really no way of knowing for sure. Some of the most telling signs that your child might have asthma include ear infections, coughing, difficulty breathing, and the classic wheezing sound. The reason why doctors and paediatricians are somewhat hesitant to conclude asthma in children is because of the symptoms that children can show which can be related to other conditions including wheezing bronchitis, broncholiotis, asthma bronchitis, and other wheezing associated respiratory illnesses.

Aside from that, effective remedies that older asthmatics have been using wouldn’t really be applicable. Coffee for example can be effective in treating asthma attacks and preventing it from occurring, think about the possible long term effects it would have for your child if you try medicating with coffee every time you think there is an attack. On the other hand you might be able to use honey but the chances of success are greatly reduced because your child’s metabolism and his/her body’s reaction to the chemicals might be different from what is expected.

Some other forms of asthma remedies include acupuncture, breathing methods, yoga, and herbal remedies. So as you can see, you have less or non-existing options when it comes to asthma remedies for babies. Asthma for children is reversible, meaning there is a chance that as your child grows up his/her asthma might totally disappear even by using normal means (conventional method).

Sadly, proper medication is the only course of action that you can take if you want to take the safety of your child into account. Aside from proper medication you will need to formulate an effective treatment or action plan in order to prevent panic and confusion during times of emergencies. Arming yourself with information about asthma is one of the best weapons that you can have. Knowing the symptoms and what you need to do will keep you above any situation.

So as you can see, when it comes to child asthma there is not that much option that you can choose from and this is from both conventional and alternative method. While there may be different options that the world of alternative medication it wouldn’t really be advisable because of safety issues.           

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Asthma Remedies for Babies
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