How to Get the Safest Types of Asthma Inhalers?

Asthma is a permanent ailment in a person restricting him to freely breathe. This happens due to brochi inflammation resulting in insufficient air flow to the lungs. This leads to uneasiness & breathing problems. The best medication available for the treatment is an inhaler.

It is a machine which contains the medicine aero soled with air under pressure. When the inhaler machine is pressed, the mixture flushes to the lungs & remove the inflammation. Although there are various types of asthma inhalers available, an individual can choose an inhaler depending upon his symptoms & the safety measures.

•    Reliever Inhalers: It is the most readily used category in the types of asthma inhalers, as it has to be used in case of an attack only. It readily subdues the inflamed brochi & eases breathing.

•    Preventive Inhaler: The preventive inhaler falls under an altogether different type of asthma inhaler. It is not recommend for use in case of an attack rather the medication practice goes on a regular basis. One of two metered doses a day prevents asthma attacks.

•    Long Lasting Bronchodilator Inhaler: These types of asthma inhalers work in the same manner as relievers, but their effect lasts for around 12 hours.

•    Inhalers depending upon the dosage: This type of asthma inhaler is categorized depending upon the medicated drug content. Some patients are advised a dosage of 200 µ grams while some other may be advised a higher or lower dosage. A doctor is the best person who can judge the dose recommended.

•    Steroid Inhalers: These inhalers generally use steroids as treatment drug. Steroids work for removing inflammation the air ways. Although, the patient can become addictive to it when used extensively.

These are the various medication patters available in inhalers & the patient can clearly judge the inhaler type depending upon his acuteness of the disease. Your doctor along with you can be the best judge of the safest inhaler for you.